Home PC Maintenance Software – What Can You Learn From a PR9 Ranked Website?

By now, you probably know more than most people, everything necessary to keep your computer running smoothly.  Home pc maintenance should be an important part of every pc owner’s weekly regimen. Cries of not having enough information on the subject is no excuse either. Unfortunately for millions of people worldwide, not taking the time to learn a few simple tasks, result in major frustration for them when their computers stop working. If you can learn and implement these tactics, you are way ahead of the crowd.

There is no use beating around the bush. To properly maintain your computer you need a good automated software. “Which Pc maintenance software should I buy?” Here are a few things you should consider when you are ready to make the plunge. As a matter of fact, if you would do this today, you would be enjoying the endorsement of some of the top industry reviews and technology authorities on the planet.  This is what I mean.

One of the ways in which you can judge home pc maintenance software is by watching for the endorsements of industry experts  These are the same people who live to do this kind of work. Because they do this every day, their opinions ar among the most valued in the world. They  write about and evaluate all kinds of software for reputable publications.  When it comes to the type of software you should use to protect your pc from registry errors, spyware, viruses, and boot-up failure, here are a few of the people worth listening to.

1. Laptop Magazine.  Laptop magazine runs a technology website featuring latops and related technologies. The website is ranked PR4 on Google Page rank and has over 16,000 listed pages and over 30,000 incoming links. I believe that their recommendation of a product will carry quite a bit of weight with readers.

2. Networkworld is an up and coming leader in computer networks and software. This  huge technology website has a 4 PR Google rank, has over 880,000 listed pages and has 3.5million incoming links.  This is a blog with major readership credentials.  Now, it does not mean automatic credibility, but it does mean that they have a vested interest in supplying credible information to their readers.  Their review of any home pc maintenance software will carry some major clout.

3. CNET is ranked a PR 9/10. It is a huge website with millions of users. My check revealed that Cnet has over 4.5 million listed pages (may have duplicates) and well over 53 million incoming links. This is a major website and their word on any technology, software, or program will be important. If they recommend a software, you can bet it is good.

When it comes to using today’s computer technology, if you purchase a home pc maintenance software based on the recommendations of just these three major websites, you are in good company. A good computer maintenance software will remove viruses and spyware from your pc, clean your windows registry, optimize RAM, and defragment your hard disk as well. So get going and do what you must to make your computer run better. After all, when it comes to using today’s computer protection software, these guys are the experts.